Cold chain and HVAC solutions

  • Vaidika...Supported it’s expertise for cold chain solutions with turnkey project support for particular products right from the farm level to the end users.
    We also provide in depth solutions at Agricultural solution, handling of the produce, pre harvesting and post harvesting storage facilities,transportation and supply to end users. We provide PLC Based semi-automated and fully automated of temperature control system, humidity and other parameter which is very essential to deliver quality produce in marketable conditions.
  • Pre Engineering Building :

    Specialize in the design, manufacture and erection of pre-engineered metal building (PPGI Pre-Fabricated Panel) systems. The metal building industry is highly competitive, based primary on price...

    We provide complete turnkey solutions for pre engineered building right from design, planning, manufacturing and installations. This buildings are mainly used for Cold Storages, CA Rooms, Ripening Chamber, Clean Rooms etc. This buildings are available with various option of insulated panel, pre-coated steel, PPGI Sheet and other specific requirement. This buildings are very safe against earthquake. This entire buildings can be relocated if required.

    We also provide various type of Pre Engineering Building as per the client’s requirement.
  • Cold Storages :

  • Control Atmosphere Cold Storage :

    Control Atmosphere cold storage mainly used for long-term storage of perishable fruits. In this type of cold storage, apart from temperature concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene and nitrogen is maintain as per the requirement of the storage material.

    This type of CA storage mainly used for the storage of apples, pears, lemon, litchi, mango and other perishable fruits. We also provide ultra law oxygen cold storage for long-term storage of fruits.

  • Temperature Controlled Cold Storage :

    This type of cold storage is mainly used for storage of grains, dry fruits, spices and other fruits & Vegetables. In this type of storage, constant pre-determine temperature is maintained throughout the room.

  • High Humidity Cold Storage :

    This type of cold storage is mainly used for storage of fresh vegetables. In this type of storage, constant pre-determine temperature with high humidity is maintained throughout the room.

    We provide total Cold storage solutions for roots vegetables like onions, garlics, carrots, process potatoes etc. in this type of storage a part from temperature humidity, carbon dioxide air circulations within the products is maintain automatically at pre define level.

    This type of storage system is very useful for the control of sugar level in the product like potatoes which is highly demand by process industries.

  • Modified Atmosphere Cold Storage :

    This type of cold storage is mainly used for storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. In this type of storage, constant pre-determine temperature with certain gases like carbon dioxide, ethylene etc. constantly maintained.
  • Ripening Chambers :

    Vaidika Group… provide hi-tech RipeningChambers for fruits like mango, banana and papaya. We provide forced draft cooling system for uniform ripening of fruits even in large capacity rooms. We used Ethylene Gas (C2H4) system for the purpose of ripening which is acceptable by all Gov.Standards. With our system, client has unique advantage of controlling ripening cycle from four to five days. Also provide Automatic Dosing system for batter storage life and fine and good quality of the product.

    Our team is ensures that each and every ripening chamber is designed bottom up to maintain the precise conditions required by each specific application, like as temperature,Co2 Controlling, humidity Controlling, Air ventilation, and Ethylene (C2H4) gas Dosing System within each ripening chamber are Controlled to optimum levels in each chamber design, based on requirements at each facility.

    Ripening chambers use reliable, energy-efficient refrigeration units, high-efficiency PUF insulated panels and other cutting-edge components.
  • Ethylene Generators Features :

    • Portable
    • Simple and fast
    • Safe

Technical Consultation

We provide technical consultation for execution, expansion, modernization of any agribusiness related project with all possible high-technical and market required standards.