About Vaidika Group

Vaidika Group is visionary enterprise created for the betterment of human life. Our guiding principle has always been advancement through ethical practices. No wonder, we at Vaidika Group have been working at the core of human needs – food and health. From its conception in 2004 the group has been working in an increasing number of sectors such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, fishery and exports

As a result, Vaidika Group is renowned for its products, agriculture related project development services, government related services and skill development initiatives in each of these sectors. Today it stands as a canopy that ensures quality in every possible sense.

This all encompassing approach gave the Vaidika Group the advantage of matching and setting global standards on the basis of merit. Today the group has established a significant and ever increasing presence in CIS countries along with Europe, South East Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa...thus living up to its aim of spreading health to one and all.

Even as the group established itself with premium products, we at Vaidika believed that quality could not be limited to products alone; it had to be offered through services too.
Extending this thought, we realised that even other players in the sectors we worked in could raise their quality standards through professional guidance. Thus Vaidika Group ventured into consultation and skill development programmes.