Word from MD

I have always believed that Vaidika is a company with global vision. Its achievements stand tall on the strong foundation of pristine business ethics and a healthy work culture. It is a matter of celebration that Vaidika is considered as an apex one-stop Agro-consultancy centre.  It is one of the topmost Indian companies to venture into R&D in the fishing sector. I am proud to say that we are working on major projects with the UN and on government tenders.

Our pharmaceuticals are matching global standards of quality that too at economical prices, thus earning the goodwill of an increasing number of people.
As a strong exporter Vaidika operates from India and has offices in UAE and Belgium and smaller setups in over ten countries around the world.

However, this is the achievement of more than one man. As the founder director, I know that the heart of the company is the team of employees that makes it throb with pride. The heights that we are scaling have been possible only because of their unwavering and constant support.

On behalf of the company, I am grateful to my executive staff for pouring sincere effort in their duties, the consultants who offer me precise advice, my scientists who venture out to conduct path breaking research, my importers who trust our honest trading practices, my transporters who carry all the merchandise to the ports on time and with utmost care, my suppliers who distribute the products to the end users systematically. I am indebted to the farmers and fishermen who are the primary members of the Vaidika Family. They all deserve to share the credit of this success. And yes, my gratitude for my ex team members who have toiled hard and nurtured the company to rise, grow and prosper in later years.

This has been possible only because of this cohesive team, whose belief in my dream has taken our group from one summit of success to another. 

Ketan Kashinath Mane
Managing Director