Pharmaceuticals Products

Medical science is making phenomenal breakthroughs in the new millennium. New drugs are raising life expectancy through effective medicines and sophisticated treatment. Vaidika Pharma too has taken radical steps in contributing to this noble mission.

We have been offering safe, effective and economical pharmaceutical products which include Herbal Products, Medicines, Medical Devices, Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Products and Surgical Disposables.

The company identified that some health benefits are characteristically gained only through herbal products. These products diminish side effects, raise immunity and control costs apart from being readily available.

Our products and services span the continuum of sourcing needs. Our pharma sourcing services are innovative, unique and most comprehensive that not only support our customers private label and control label programs but also address their customised pharma product requirements for Antipyretics, Analgesics, Antibiotics, Antiseptics, Antacids, Anti inflammatory, Multi Vitamin tablets, Capsule and Sterile Water for injections, Salines, Parentrals etc.

Today  Vaidika Pharma operates in India along with CIS countries, Europe, South East Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa and spreading health worldwide.